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Which repelling method should you choose depending on your bird issue?

There are many methods of keeping birds away : sound, visual, physical, lasers, etc. It could be difficult to determine which solution to choose depending on the situation.

This article will provide you with some answers to determine whethersound scaring is appropriate for your situation. If it is not suitable, we will suggest alternative solutions.

In which situations is it possible to keep birds away with AviTrac® bird scarers?

  • Protection of sowing (maize, sunflower, sorghum, peas ...) against corvids (crows, ravens, jackdaws), wood pigeons & starlings

  • Removal of birds from vegetable production areas (market gardening)

Protection choux AviTrac

  • Protection of fruit trees and vines against starlings, blackbirds, jays & magpies

Protection fruitiers AviTrac oiseaux

  • Protection of livestock buildings - on condition that birds do not nest in the buildings

For livestock buildings where the pressure is very high, it will be necessary to use other means of removal in addition (lasers, olfactory gel, nets ...)

For buildings where starlings cause damage, here is an article that deals with this very subject..

Batiment elevage oiseaux avitrac

  • Protection of open-air poultry farms from wild birds

Buzzards, gulls or crows can attack young chicks or ducks on open-air runs and cause significant losses. In addition, to limit the risk of disease, it is necessary to avoid contact between farm animals and wild species.

protection élevage canards poussins attaques

AviTrac® acoustic bird repellers can be used for all the above-mentioned problems. Please note that a minimum of 200 metres should be left between the buzzers set to maximum power and the first houses. They emit signals that can be heard by humans (ultrasound does not effectively deter birds). (les ultrasons n'éloignent pas efficacement les oiseaux).

See also our advice on how to use these devices to achieve maximum efficiency..

When not to use acoustic scaring alone?

  • Birds nest on the surface to be protected.

In this case, it is necessary to first remove the nests and block access to these areas (nets, spikes, repellent gel cups, etc.). (filets, pics, coupelles de gel répulsif...).

In the case of an invasion (more than a hundred individuals), it is necessary to contact pigeon control specialists. AgriProTech provides the equipment and only intervenes on site in specific contexts. In certain situations, it is better to call on people who can carry out a complete audit by visiting the site in question.

  • Protection of buildings against city pigeons

Sound scaring alone is not effective against this type of pigeon. Pigeons that have grown up in an urban environment are used to horns and loud noises in general. Scare signals may not bother them enough. It is better to use physical protection ((nets, spikes, gel repellent cups, etc.) ...) or lasers scaring devices.

pigeons villes protection

  • Protection of buildings against gulls during the breeding season (mid-December to August, depending on the region).

It is necessary to act outside the breeding season for these species. The attachment to the "territory" is too strong at these times and scaring campaigns will be useless.

For more information, read our article on protecting buildings against gull damage..

goéland batiment protection

  • There is a dormitory of crows or starlings near the area to be protected

In this case, the pressure is very high and an acoustic bird deterrent alone is not sufficient. Contact us so that we can offer you suitable solutions.

Dortoir corbeaux

Finally, sparrows are not sensitive to sound scaring. For this species, repellent gel cups or lasers bird scaring devices could be used.

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