rban centers are plentiful food source for all kinds of birds (pigeons, seagulls, starlings, etc). They can arrive in massive flocks; for instance starlings in winter, pigeons throughout the year, and seagulls in port areas.

Some of these species can cause considerable trouble:

  • noise pollution,
  • health risks,
  • droppings and other soiling...

Urban residents and publics authorities are trying to tackle thisissue using many different methods: anti bird spikes, falconry, bird-scaring rockets, and more.

AgriProTech propose easy-to-install bird control solutions which require minimum human maintenance.

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Bird control solutions that can be used for building protection (click on the pictures to access product information and characteristics):

AviTrac 18S dégats oiseaux communes
Bird Gel AgriProTech
Ruban effaroucheur AgriProTech