Protection of commercial buildings

Commercial buildings or storage areas can become a shelter for birds.

They find warmth, protection from predators and sometimes food.

But their presence can cause nuisance: noise pollution, health risks, dirt caused by droppings, etc.

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Birds in the city

Urban centres are also an abundant source of food for all kinds of birds. They flock there in large numbers, such as starlings in winter, pigeons all year round and gulls in port areas.

Residents and public authorities try to remedy these inconveniences by several means: anti-pigeon spikes, falconers, detonating rockets, etc.

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Adapted solutions

AgriProTech offers anti-bird scaring devices that are easy to install and reduce human intervention to a minimum.

Contact us so that together we can find a solution to your needs.

Find here all solutions for the protection of commercial buildings against bird damage:

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