Protection of industrial sites


Flat roofs provide popular breeding sites for gulls. Gulls also like to rest on them because the height allows them to see the arrival of potential predators. However, the presence of these birds poses significant hygiene problems. Their presence and the feathers and waste they leave behind can lead to high cleaning costs, blocked drains and even problems with the waterproofing of the roof.

Roof protection for birds

Storage areas

The presence of animals can of course cause damage to stored material. If nothing is put in place to protect these areas, birds can settle in, nest and breed quickly on the spot. It is then very difficult to remove them.

Protection of storage areas

Food production sites

On food production sites, it is not possible to allow an invasion of birds to take hold. Their presence is simply not compatible with the rigorous hygiene required in this type of building.

Bird protection for the food industry

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