Field crops

Birds cause damage to all types of crops: maize, sunflowers, peas, soya beans, etc.

Species such as rooks, carrion crows, pigeons and starlings can damage more than half of a plot, or even all of it.

This damage sometimes leads to reseeding, where possible, and in any case represents a significant loss of money, time and energy. In addition, these reseeds can also be victim of new damages.

Agricultural professionals have noticed an increasing pressure of this avian problem over the last 10 years. Indeed, wood pigeon and jackdaw populations are increasing and so is the damage they cause.

To counter this threat, it is important to vary the devices put in place. This is why AgriProTech offers you a whole range of sound and visual deterrents, to protect your crops effectively.

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Fish farming

Fish farms are regularly victims of cormorant or heron attacks. Laser devices can keep these species away as they come to feed in the breeding ponds.

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Market gardening and arboriculture

Cabbages, shallots and lettuce are all crops that are popular with jackdaws and pigeons. AviTrac scarecrows can prevent attacks on market gardening plots.


Finally, when the grapes are ripe, the vineyards are targeted by several bird species: starlings, jays, blackbirds, magpies, etc. For plots of land that are isolated from houses, AviTrac bird scares, combined with visual solutions, effectively keep greedy birds away.

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Silage piles and cattle feeders are often the target of massive starling attacks.

Damage caused by crows or pigeons in farm buildings is also frequently reported.

As birds carry germs and communicable diseases, it is important to guard against the health risk and economic losses posed by this threat.

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TheAviTrac acoustic bird repeller® The AviTrac® bird repeller is also used in poultry farms to protect batches from attacks by buzzards and corvids, which cause significant losses.

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The bird control solutions offered by AgriProTech are designed for indoors and outdoors use.

They are environmentally friendly and risk-free for users.

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