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How laser technology can help me keep birds away ?

How does laser repelling work?

The sight of the laser moving nearby affects the birds' survival instinct. They identify this movement as a threat but cannot understand what it is. Eventually, they leave the area.

This technology is completely silent and is an alternative to sound repelling in areas close to houses. This is why AgriProTech now offers this new solution: the LighTrac 40 portable laser repelling device : portable laser LighTrac 40

How to use a laser torch to keep birds away?

Initially, it is necessary to use the laser on a daily basis, in "sessions" of 10 to 15 minutes, so that the birds come to regard the surface as dangerous.
The laser should be projected onto the area where the birds are landing. The sight of the moving laser frightens them and they instinctively leave the area.

What species can the laser scare away?

Many species are kept away by laser technology.
Laser repelling is successful on most species (except domestic poultry and birds of prey) :

  • Pigeons
  • Starlings
  • Sparrows
  • Crows, ravens, jackdaws, etc.

The following rates showing the decline of birds in protected area are frequently observed:

  • 1st year: between 70 and 90% fewer birds
  • 2nd year: between 90 and 100% fewer birds

When birds are "nesting" on the area to be protected: start by cleaning the area in question and blocking access to the nests with suitable nets or spikes.

Finally, we recommend using all types of repelling outside the nesting season. The effectiveness will be better if it is carried out before the birds settle on a breeding territory. Moreover, some species are "aggressive" in protecting their young and it may be dangerous to visit breeding areas at these times.

étourneaux goélands pigeons

Is there a risk for surrounding people's or users' eyes?

The laser should never be aimed at people's eyes. Furthermore, it is useless and inadvisable to aim at birds or their eyes. It is the vision of the laser in motion that will make them flee. Always read the supplied instructions very carefully before use.

Laser securité

Never point it at the sky / at aircraft, at reflective surfaces or at houses / buildings.

Laser securité oiseaux

Never point the laser at people.

Laser securité avion

What is the advantage of this type of product?

This solution is completely silent. Moreover, as the birds are unable to predict its course in advance, they do not get used to it. The effect is therefore maintained over time.

Why is the laser green?

This colour works best to keep birds away. It stands out well on most surfaces and is clearly visible to the birds.

In what environment can I use it?

This system is designed to keep birds away from storage or livestock buildings. It can be used outdoors over short distances.

Protection batiment elevage etourneaux

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