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Portable laser LighTrac 40

The compact solution to the nuisance caused by birds

  • Recommended for indoor use
  • Average range of 100 meters indoors and up to 1000 meters at night
  • Easy to use
  • Fast results, no habituation effect
  • Repels most bird species (except domestic poultry and birds of prey)
  • Respectful of animals and the environment
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A portable laser, for indoor use or short distances

This model is recommended for indoor use (storage rooms, livestock buildings) or outdoor use over short distances.
It is easy to use. Simply project the laser on the area where the birds are landing. The sight of the laser in motion scares them and they instinctively leave the area.

This laser must be handled with care by professionals and must not come into prolonged contact with people's eyes. It is imperative to read the instructions provided before use.

A no habituation solution

Initially, it is necessary to use the laser daily, in "sessions" of 10 to 15 minutes, so that the birds eventually consider the surface as dangerous.

The birds cannot identify the nature of the threat posed by the light beam. They end up leaving the area as a precaution, unable to foresee its path in advance and therefore unable to get used to it. The laser must be projected on the area where the birds are landing. The vision of the moving laser frightens them and they instinctively leave the area.

Effectively repels the following species:

  • Rooks, black crows, jackdaws
  • Starlings
  • Pigeons
  • Gulls, seagulls, herons, cormorants
  • Jays, magpies, blackbirds...

Corbeau, goéland, etourneau, pigeon

Technical specifications:

  • Laser beam color: Green
  • Laser source lifetime (typical use): 5000 hours
  • Power Source: 1 CR123A lithium-ion battery included
  • Dimensions: 220 mm long and 55 mm in diameter
  • Operating temperature: -10 °C to 35 °C
  • Storage temperature: -10°C to 50°C
  • Laser class: 2M

Package Contents:

1x LighTrac 40 Portable Laser
1x CR123A battery
1x Microfiber cleaning cloth
1x Storage box

Contenu colis LighTrac 40

Cautions :

By purchasing this product, you authorize AgriProTech to enter your company's contact information into our user database, as well as the product's serial number in order to track the device.
You also warrant that you will use the product in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, including but not limited to:

  • Do not point the device at the sky but always at a finished surface
  • Do not point the device at reflective surfaces.
  • Do not point the device at vehicles.
  • Do not point the device at buildings, especially windows and doors.
  • Do not point the device at non-targeted people or animals; it is especially important not to point at the eyes.
  • Do not use the device for any purpose other than to repel birds.
  • This product is for professional use only.
  • The responsibility for the use of this device lies solely with the end user. It is therefore essential to read the instruction manual before use.


Data sheet

Dimensions LxWxH in cm
Diamètre 55 mm max – Longueur 250 mm
Efficient on the following species :
Ravens, crows, jackdaw, wood pigeons, gulls, seagulls, starlings, sparrows
0.42 kg
Power requirement
CR123A lithium battery
Green color laser


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