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Bird Repeller Complete Set - PRO

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Cost saving solution to avoid bird damage.

This set contains : 3 bird scarer ball (3 different colors), 1 holographic bird tape (100 meters long) and a Panic Eyes ball.


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Cost saving solution to avoid bird damage.

This set contains : 3 bird scarer ball (3 different colors), 1 holographic bird tape (100 meters long) and a Panic Eyes ball.

Bird scarer balls

The constant motion and the bright colors of the bird scarer balloons will scare birds away. Their dark eye-shaped design reminds the birds of predators. It gives them a feeling of insecurity, and they will fly away from the protected area. Very easy-to-install, those balls can be used in addition to acoustic repellent devices.

In order to keep a long-lasting deterring effect, make sure you relocate those balls once a week at least.

Characteristics of the balls :

  • Diameter: 40 cm or 16 in
  • One ball protects 500 m²
  • Balls colors : White, black and yellow

Holographic bird tape

The holographic tape will deter birds thanks to its double effect : visual and auditive.

It reflects sunlights and creates moving impression. When the birds see it from abive, the think the area is in movement.

Simply installed and used, it offers a large range of applications.

Just cut a it in strips and fix it to any support (stakes, branches of trees, bushes, vineyards...) and let the wind do the rest !

Characteristics of the holographic tape :

  • Length : 100 m. / 330 ft.
  • Width : 5 cm / 2 inches
  • Thickness : 200 microns

Panic Eyes, bird scarer ball

With its wide holographic eyes and its bright colors (orange and black), this scare ball will frighten pest birds from small areas.

Easy to install, its light weight and large diameter will give it a significant wind surface area. This natural movement will give the illusion of a moving predator to unwanted birds. It can be used outdoors or indoors.

Characteristics of the Panic eyes bird scare ballon :

  • Material : PVC
  • Thickness : 0.25 mm /
  • Diameter before inflation : 65 cm / 25 inches
  • Diameter after inflation : 55 cm / 22 inches
  • Color : Orange

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    Bonjour. Je voulais simplement vous signaler que les rubans et ballons effaroucheurs sont en place sur le toit de la Résidence du **** et depuis...Aucun goéland!!! Nous sommes donc très satisfaits. Bien entendu, je surveillerai régulièrement l'évolution. Mais bravo!


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