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AgriProTech company develops and commercializes bird control solutions, against unwanted bird species crows, ravens, starlings, pigeons, jackdaws, etc).

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Pigeons and doves


Crows, ravens, jackdaws

Seagulls and seabirds


Bird repellent products, efficient and easy-to-use

The damage caused by bird has been rising in the past few years. Management and control of invasive species are limited in some areas. Classic bird repellent systems can be disappointing sometimes: noise disturbances, lake of efficiency, birds’ adaptation, high cost, bad quality, etc.

We have selected a range of easy-to-install, long-lasting, affordable and environmentally-friendly products.

They are autonomous and only require little maintenance.

Visual scares and acoustic bird repellers

In order to efficiently avoid bird nuisance, it is advisable to use several bird repelling methods (acoustic, olfactory, visual). That’s why we provide a large range of products: to be able to protect your crops, buildings, or any surface where birds are unwanted. Discover AgriProTech acoustic, visuals, olfactory products, and more.

Please check the bird control Tips and Advices page, to know the right solution to fix your problem.

Adapted solution to your needs

Alternative option to traditional bird bangers, our products have been made for agricultural and professional use (cereal crops, market gardening, vineyards, and livestock farming).

If you need a personalised advice, feel free to contact us via the contact form or by phone +33 298 96 08 12.

AgriProTech range of product is safe for humans, harmless for birds, and eco-friendly.

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