• Acoustic repellers
    <p>The acoustic bird repeller AviTrac is designed and made in France by AgriProTech. It is fully programmable and easy-to-use.</p> <p>By emitting synthetic and natural scaring signals, developed for bird control, they keep birds away and efficiently protect your crops and buildings.</p>
  • Visual scares
    <p><strong>AgriProTech visual scares:</strong></p> <p>Kites, scaring balloons, holographic tapes, scaring windsocks, and other complementary methods to acoustic bird deterrent solutions.</p>
  • Bird deterrent packages
    <p>Find here several bird control packs.</p> <p>Cost-saving and professional solutions</p> <p>including scaring kites, balloons, windsocks and holographic tape.</p>
  • Laser and flashing...
    <p>Laser technology, solution to birds' damage.</p> <p>LighTrac and LazerTrac range of product can easily be adjusted to any situation and will long-lastingly keeps birds away.</p> <p>Areas of application: agriculture, urban areas, storage areas and industrial buildings.</p>
  • Physical bird deterrents
    <p>Improve external appearance of your buildings by getting rid of birds droppings.</p> <p>Several methods can be used to avoid these nuisances : anti-bird spikes, bird netting, olfactory gel, etc.</p> <p></p>

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