Acoustic repellers

The acoustic bird repeller AviTrac is designed and made in France by AgriProTech. It is fully programmable and easy-to-use.

By emitting synthetic and natural scaring signals, developed for bird control, they keep birds away and efficiently protect your crops and buildings.


  • AviTrac
    <p><strong>The <strong>AviTrac®</strong> electronic bird repeller  is fully programmable.</strong></p> <p>This innovative device prevents bird damage. Its repelling effect is efficient on several species: crows, pigeons, starlings, seagulls, etc.</p>
  • BirdTrac
    <p>The BirdTrac bird repeller is used to protect agricultural buildings or small cultivated areas, industrial buildings, storage areas, etc.</p> <p>It can be used indoors and outdoors. The device is suitable for light bird pressure.</p>
  • WildTrac
    <p>Programmable acoustic deterrent for birds and game such as wild boar, deer, hinds and other wild animals</p>
  • BoyTrac
  • Options
    <p>Here you will find the accessory products for the AviTrac® bird repeller.</p> <p><br />Charger, extra memory card, waterproof extension cord, ...</p>

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