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Battery charger for AviTrac® devices

€24.00 tax excl. (28.80 tax incl.)

Battery charger with mains adapter, compatible with every AviTrac® model.

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Battery charger with mains power plug, compatible with every AviTrac® model.

Every AviTrac® is delivered with this type of charger device.

As an option, you can choose to buy an extra mains power supply.

How to choose my AviTrac® power option:

  • If you use your AviTrac® outdoors, choose de battery charger for a 3-weeks autonomy battery.
  • If you use it indoors, close to a power supply, choose a mains power supply to let your electronic device plugged-in while emitting.

Please note that none of these power supplies are waterproof.

If you want to use your AviTrac® bird repeller outdoor while plugged into the AC outlet, we can provide an extra waterproof electric extension lead (5 meters or 10 meters).


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