6 ways to efficiently protect fruit trees from bird damage!

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Are you worried about your raspberries and other berries? Starlings, jays, blackbirds and other magpies love them and don't leave a single bite ...

AgriProTech tells you the secrets of a successful scare so that this year, you can finally enjoy your blueberries, currants, raspberries, cherries and many others!


  1. Anti pest bird netting
  2. Reflective tape
  3. Scaring balloon
  4. Scaring kite in the shape of a bird of prey
  5. Programmable acoustic repeller device
  6. Suggesting alternative sources of food

The secret of a successful scare

Our tips to maintain the "surprise" effect:

  • Regularly move the systems in place

Even from a few meters, to give an impression of movement and limit the habituation effect.

  • Vary the solutions used

Visual, sound, olfactory, it is necessary to confuse the birds in a dynamic way and therefore to use all the sensorial means available.


1 - Anti pest bird netting

AgriProTech offers protection nets to be spread on trees and bushes before fruit maturity.

 bird netting fruit

Our advice :

  • Install the nets early enough before the fruit reaches maturity.
  • Tighten and securely fix the nets.
  • Roll up and tie the ends of the nets so that small animals (hedgehogs...) do not get caught in them.
  • Check that there are no holes or passages into which the birds could get in.
  • Check nets regularly and release trapped animals if necessary.
  • After sensitive periods, remove the nets and store them carefully rolled up.

2 - Reflective tape

This type of holographic tape reflects light and emits a metallic sound similar to aluminium foil. It interferes with the visual and auditory senses and gives an impression of movement that both intrigues and repels birds.

It can be tied directly to the branches of fruit bushes, attached between two stakes over freshly sown seeds, or placed "as a curtain" over a vegetable patch.

 holographic scare tape bird

3 - Scaring balloon

Tied to a high branch or pole above the bushes, the balloons move with the wind. Their bright colours make them highly visible and disturbing to the eyes of birds, keeping even the most greedy ones away. Some balloons have holographic eyes that enhance the repellent effect.

Panic eyes scare balloon


4 - Scaring kite in the shape of a bird of prey

The FlyTrac® kites imitate the flying speed of the sparrowhawk, a bird of prey very present in Europe.

This natural predator of many birds scares away blackbirds, jays, magpies ... but it can also attract real birds of prey, which will make the area even more dangerous for them.



5 - Programmable sound scaring device

For isolated parcels of land (less than 200 metres away from the houses), AgriProTech offers its range of sound scaring devices.

The acoustic bird repeller AviTrac®, made in France, creates an inhospitable and threatening atmosphere that repels crows, starlings, magpies, jays... with its various scaring signals:

  • Raptor cries
  • Distress calls from targeted birds
  • Synthesis signals

AgriProTech bird repellers have the advantage of being fully programmable, they operate with a rechargeable battery, with a 3-week autonomy.

Like other scaring solutions, we recommend moving them or changing their orientation from time to time to increase their effectiveness.


6 - Suggesting other sources of food

Finally, why not offer fat balls or bowls of seeds to our feathered friends?

The pressure on your fruits will then be more limited, since they will be able to feed themselves elsewhere!


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