How to protect sunflowers against bird damage before harvest?

Protection récolte tournesol

Harvest time is approaching ....

It is well known that sunflower seeds are very nutritious and birds love them!

Unfortunately for cereal growers, the losses caused by predatory birds on a sunflower field can be considerable in a short time.

Indeed, when a flock of birds settles in a field just before harvest, the plundering is quick and quiet!

Here are some solutions to avoid this damage:

1- Acoustic bird repeller AviTrac®

We recommend putting the AviTrac® in the field before the raiders spot the ripening sunflowers as it is difficult to repel predators when they have made a habit of coming to gorge themselves on these excellent seeds!

AviTrac 18M protection tournesol

Birds prefer to feed in a quiet and reassuring environment, unlike the AviTrac® principle which makes the area inhospitable and unsettling.

AviTrac® devices are programmable and customisable:
• Start and end times of sound emission
• Volume up to 120 decibels at 1 metre (human audible signals)
• Choice of sound repertoires according to the species to be frightened away
• Interval between each sound emission

It is powered by a rechargeable battery with an autonomy of 3 weeks or can be equipped with a solar panel.

AviTrac panneau solaire effaroucheur autonome

Which AviTrac® model should I choose ?

It depends on the size of the field:

To reinforce the sound efficiency of the AviTrac®, AgriProTech offers additional visual options ...

2- Visual option ManTrac®

The ManTrac is an inflatable scarecrow that attaches to the AviTrac and runs on battery power, inflates and stands up in the air while the AviTrac sounds, then deflates and lowers between sounds.
It is made of a strong, lightweight spinnaker cloth that moves with the wind.

Its high stature of 1m95 (including AviTrac®) and its bright colour allows it to be visible from a distance to the birds despite the height of the sunflowers, we advise you to place it in a slightly open area to preserve the surprise effect when it rises.

We offer it in two colours: red or yellow.

Mantrac Red

Mantrac Yellow

3- FlyTrac® kite scarecrow

The FlyTrac® kite is specially designed for crop protection; its large wingspan that spins in the air above the fields reproduces the flight of birds of prey. It is independent of the AviTrac® repeller and considerably increases the protected area by placing it at a distance from the buzzer. Be sure to move it regularly to maintain the surprise effect!

4- Scarecrows balloons

The scare balloons scare the birds with their large holographic eyes and increase the insecurity of the sound AviTrac® on protected crops.

Ballon effaroucheur

What about you? How do you keep birds away from your sunflower fields?

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