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Protecting your AviTrac against theft

protection theft avitrac

Farmers are frequently targeted by robbers and regularly suffer from theft on their farms.

There are several elements that encourage greed:

  • Isolation of farm buildings
  • Tractors and agricultural equipment
  • Portable electric tools
  • Increasingly sophisticated equipment
  • Fuel storage ……

After sowing and up to the 4 to 5 leaf stage, the young plants are a treat for the predatory birds, when they settle on a field. This seems to be a very long period of time and a lot of stress for the farmers.

Some are tempted to invest in a bird repeller, but they fear theft of the device, which must remain in the field for several weeks.

Indeed, the machine is not discreet:

  • In its operation: sound emission up to 120 decibels
  • In its position: isolated, in the middle of a field

To avoid theft of your AviTrac® bird repeller, AgriProTech offers several solutions to limit the risk of theft.

1 - Ground fixing system

This is a simple anchor screw, driven deep into the ground and secured to the AviTrac® with a padlock.

To make the burglary even more difficult, it is possible to attach 2 ground screws to the bird repeller cbecause the frame of this one is equipped with 2 holes, allowing the installation of an anchor screw on each side.

As the ground anchor has to be unscrewed from the floor in order to be removed, this is not possible with 2 anchor screws.

antitheft avitrac bird repeller

2 - GPS tracker sticker

Following numerous requests from users, we also offer a sticker indicating that the device is GPS tracked.

gps tracer avitrac

3 - Camouflage netting

As mentioned above, the colour of the device makes it stand out on newly sown fields. In to make the device blend in a little more with the landscape, we recommend that it be camouflaged with this type of net:

camo net avitrac

4 - Key lock

Finally, to secure access to the device's programming or simply to the memory card, it is possible to use a key lock instead of the standard handle.

avitrac keylock

Got any other ideas? Share your tips with other users in the comments !

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