What are the differences between the AviTrac and the gas cannon?

Différence canon et AviTrac

The gas cannon is a device that has been used since the 1960s by a large number of agricultural professionals. Our customers often already own this type of bird deterrent, and the two techniques can be combined to limit the habituation effect.

A safe solution, for users and animals

The AviTrac® acoustic bird repeller has no risk of explosion or fire. It is powered by a rechargeable battery.

It is also strongly advised not to install these systems near dwellings. 

Read this article for advice on how to reduce noise pollution caused by the use of bird deterrents.

Lastly, this scaring technique uses no chemical inputs and can therefore be used by conventional or organic farming professionals.

A scalable system

Gamme AviTrac

The AviTrac® range includes 3 models, depending on the surface area to be protected:

  • AviTrac 9M®, which protects more than 2 hectares (200 x 100 metres)
  • AviTrac 18M® with a range of 3 hectares, i.e. 175 x 175 metres
  • AviTrac 18S®: protects more than 4 hectares, i.e. 200 x 200 metres


These models can be complemented by the ManTrac® visual option (available in red or yellow):


It is then possible to add accessories: 

Since January 2021, lead-acid batteries can be replaced by lithium batteries, which offer the following advantages: 

  • Safety: Lithium iron phosphate batteries are the safest batteries available, with no risk of fire or explosion.
  • Temperature: They can withstand extreme ambient temperatures (from 0° to 60°) without reducing their lifespan.
  • Service life: This type of battery lasts 3 to 4 times longer than lead-acid batteries. It will also last longer if partial charges are carried out.
  • Recharging: Lithium iron phosphate batteries can be recharged more quickly than lead-acid batteries. It takes around 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery, compared with around ten hours for a lead-acid battery.

Finally, a 10W solar panel can be fitted for a completely autonomous solution.

A wide range of signals

The AviTrac® bird scarecrow has a memory card containing 50 different signals to scare away a wide range of birds. The sound signals reproduce the effect of a predator in motion, giving an enhanced reality to the sounds generated.

The system is upgradeable, with a removable memory card for updating the available signals.

Goeland, pigeons, corbeaux, etourneaux

Integrated programming

The electronic module in AviTrac® systems offers a high degree of programming freedom, allowing the following parameters to be set:

  • Time slot and transmission rate
  • Sound level and sound selection
  • Triggering based on clock or brightness level


No sensitivity to weather conditions

The devices are fitted with rechargeable batteries that give them an autonomy of 3 weeks in typical use. They are therefore autonomous and require no consumables.

They are waterproof (IP55 rating) and therefore not sensitive to humidity or wind. To ensure that they are waterproof, the programming window in front of the screen must of course be closed and the loudspeakers must be positioned horizontally to prevent water from collecting on them.

Do you use gas cannons, AviTrac® bird repeller or a combination of both? Perhaps other methods of scaring birds? Share your experiences in the comments!

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