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What are the differences between BoyTrac® and the ManTrac® option?

BoyTrac VS ManTrac

The 2 devices look similar but are, in fact, quite different. Here is a comparison of the two solutions.

The ManTrac® option: advanced programming

First of all, the ManTrac® is the visual option for the AviTrac® bird scarecrow, and cannot operate without it, whereas the BoyTrac® is a stand-alone audible and visual bird repeller.

The ManTrac® option, mounted on the AviTrac®, reaches a height of 195 cm and weighs between 8 and 12 kg (depending on the AviTrac® model). In comparison, the BoyTrac® on its body measures 165 cm and weighs 13 kg with the battery (not supplied).

AviTrac ManTrac

The AviTrac® system, to which the ManTrac® is attached, emits its various sounds at a maximum power of 120 dBA @ 1 metre, while the BoyTrac® emits at a maximum power of 100 dBA @ 1 metre. 

The AviTrac® fitted with the ManTrac® has 150 different signals for scaring away :

  • Corvids (crows and ravens)
  • Wood pigeons
  • Seagulls, gulls, cormorants
  • Starlings
  • Certain birds of prey

The BoyTrac® has around twenty signals for scaring away :

  1. Corvids (crows and ravens)
  2. Seabirds
  3. Certain birds of prey
  4. Field corvids

Corvidés champs

The ManTrac® option is available in 2 canvas colours (yellow or red), while the BoyTrac® is currently only available with a red canvas. Whatever the model, the fabric is weatherproof and UV-resistant. The ManTrac® canvas is fitted with small straps at the top and bottom.

AviTrac® with ManTrac® has 2 programmable time slots, while BoyTrac® has just one. Both systems allow you to control the start and end times of audible and visual activations. The AviTrac® bird barker, which controls its ManTrac® option, can be programmed to wake up using its luminosity sensor or its programmable alarm. 

BoyTrac®: the simplified and cost-effective solution

Thanks to its simplified system, BoyTrac® is more economical than the ManTrac® option, while still being made in France. This also means that it comes with a one-year AgriProTech manufacturer's warranty.


Both machines are ideal for :

  • Crop protection (sowing and harvesting)
  • Fruit trees, market gardening areas
  • Fish farming ponds or harbour areas
  • Protecting poultry runs

It is important to adapt the type of device to the surface area to be protected. Depending on the AviTrac® model, the ManTrac® option protects 2 to 4 hectares, while the BoyTrac® covers around ½ hectare, or 5,000 m².

The programming of the two systems is similar in terms of trigger frequency and sound volume: the dummy inflates and stands up when the scaring sounds are emitted.

The main difference is also in the cost of the two solutions.

Finally, as far as power is concerned, the ManTrac® is powered by the AviTrac® battery and the BoyTrac® has its own standard battery (not supplied).

Batterie BoyTrac

In short ...

Choose the AviTrac® with the ManTrac® option if you want a turnkey solution, the ability to programme two operating times, a wide range of available signals and coverage of an area of over 5,000 m².

The BoyTrac® is for you if your budget and the area to be protected are more limited.

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