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Red BoyTrac acoustic and visual repeller

The BoyTrac repeller is a cost-effective way to keep birds away from your sensitive activities.
It is autonomous and combines scaring signals and a visual surprise effect.
Made in France

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A versatile scaring device

BoyTrac can be used in many situations:

  • Crop protection at sowing and harvest time
  • Vines, fruit trees, market gardening
  • Fish farms
  • Harbour areas
  • Open-air poultry farms

It can keep away various species such as

  • crows, ravens,
  • seabirds,
  • wild birds to avoid contact with open-air poultry runs

An economical and easy to use system

This repelling solution is composed of a solid box including :

  • an electronic programming module
  • a loudspeaker
  • a ventilator to inflate the BoyTrac canvas
  • a solid red canvas that is fixed on the box

Once you have received the complete system, all you have to do is connect a battery (not included). We recommend using a lead-acid battery with a maximum height of 18 cm, between 35 and 50 Ah. You can request this from your usual battery supplier.

BoyTrac batterie

Once the system is mounted, it is also fully programmable:

  • Trigger frequency
  • Operating time range
  • Signal emitted 
  • Sound volume

When the BoyTrac® is activated, it inflates while emitting scare signals.

It covers an area of approximately 5000 m² (1/2 hectare).

Technical characteristics

Red canvas resistant to weather and UV

Total weight (excluding battery): 3 kg

Height BoyTrac addressed: 165 cm

Battery not included

Made in France


Data sheet

Protected Area
5000 sqm
3 kg


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