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Effaroucheur WildTrac 18S

Sound repeller to keep wild boar, deer, hinds and other game away.

It can be used outdoors, whatever the weather, and has a flexible programmer and a solid frame. 

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A acoustic repeller to keep wild animals and birds away

The WildTrac® repeller is designed to keep large game and birds away from crop areas or areas where their presence may cause damage. 

WildTrac 18S

With its library of nearly 600 scaring signals, it can be used to keep large wild animals at a distance: 

  • roe deer,
  • deer & doe,
  • wild boar,
  • badgers

WildTrac protection sanglier

But also birds such as :

  • starlings,
  • crows & ravens,
  • wood pigeons (not city pigeons, the latter are insensitive to scaring)
  • as well as seabirds

Protection mais degats sangliers

Flexible programming modes

This transmitter of sound signals (audible by humans) can be programmed in 3 different ways:

1. Classic acoustic repeller with specific signals to drive away game

  • to keep game away (signals of approx. 60 sec.)
  • or against birds (duration approx. 90 sec.)

2. Noise generator simulating human activity (signals of 90 sec., to be programmed with a short interval)

3. Detector mode: 15 sec. signals triggered by passing animals (infrared detectors)

This unique advanced programming makes it very adaptable.

Protection against game damage

Dégât sanglier maïs

Below are photos of a wild boar being scared away at night. The scarecrow is hidden by a camouflage net. Indeed, the reflections of the moon or other light sources can make it "suspicious" in the eyes of wild animals. 

In order to conceal it, we recommend covering it with a camouflage net without masking the infrared detectors that detect game and trigger the sound emissions.

Protection sanglier

Protection sanglier

Protection sanglier

Protection sanglier

Here is the video in its entirety: 

A robust and durable system

It has a strong, removable, stainless steel frame (total height 120 cm). A frame extension is provided to allow signals to be broadcast above the maize plants and to limit unwanted emissions.

The WildTrac® is waterproof (IP55) and functional in all weather conditions. The sound volume is adjustable to suit night time use.

Supplied with a rechargeable 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, it offers an autonomy of over 3 weeks.

  • Lasts 3 to 4 times longer than lead batteries
  • Good resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Fast charging
  • Very little natural discharge - ideal for long storage
  • Lighter in weight

AgriProTech recommends placing the device on animal paths or in an open area of the field. It will automatically activate when an animal passes near one of its detectors (each infrared detector has a range of 12 m).

Eloigner gibier cultures

It can be hidden with a camouflage net.

WildTrac: One range - Two models 

Two models are available, with different speaker power, for either acoutic repeller or noise generator modes: 

- WildTrac® WDT 18M- Protects 3 hectares

WildTrac 18M effaroucheur sanglier gibier

- WildTrac® WDT 18S - Protects over 4 hectares

WildTrac 18S effaroucheur sanglier gibier

For the detector mode, the range is the same for both models: 12 metres.

Please note that this model is not compatible with the ManTrac visual option. Indeed, it is not possible to activate the ManTrac option and the presence detectors at the same time. In addition, the height of the ManTrac on the WildTrac will make the unit unstable and it may fall over.

WildTrac et Mantrac

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 58 x 58 x 120 cm

Weight: 5.8 kg (WDT18M) / 8.4 kg (WDT18S)

Battery: Lithium Iron Phosphate 12V

Two IR sensors with a range of 12 m each

Sound pressure level: 120 dBA @ 1m

IP55 waterproof housing

Battery life: 3 weeks*

* 3 weeks (20 minute transmission interval for 14 hours per day)


Data sheet

Protected Area
10 acres / 4 hectares
From 5 to 10 kg / From 11 to 22 lb
Sound pressure
120 dBA @ 1m
Average autonomy
3 weeks


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