Method to be used depending on the species

Corvids (crows, ravens, jackdaws ...)


Recommended repelling system

Birds from the corvid family, such as crows and ravens, are very intelligent. They are able to observe and communicate efficiently. They will adapt very quickly to classic deterrents such as scaring balloons.

Responsible for significant damage, particularly at sowing and harvesting time, it is necessary to protect crops from them.

The Acoustic bird repeller AviTrac® uses a patent-pending technology that minimises the adaptation effect. By emitting a large range of scaring signals, this electronic device efficiently and lastingly protects cereal crops.

Complementary methods

In the case of high bird pressure and in order to increase the deterring effect of acoustic solutions, complementary methods can be used.

AgriProTech has also a range of visual deterrents such as scaring kites, holographic tape, olfactory deterrent, etc.

Columbidae (doves and wild pigeons)


Recommended repelling system

Pigeons and doves are notorious in the agricultural sector. They rank second in the list of most damaging nuisance birds (corvids take first place!). Many people have tried out several types of solutions with unsatisfactory results. these birds are not easily affected by classic bird control solutions.

However, scaring kites have prove to be effective at protecting crops from pigeons’ damage. Relocated it every 4 or 5 days, this “larger than life” kite reproduces the flight of a raptor and will keep the place bird free!

Complementary methods

Damage by pigeons and doves can also be avoided employing several methods. The AviTrac® acoustic bird repeller creates a hostile environment for pest birds by emitting scaring signals.

On buildings and homes, bird netting, anti-bird spikes and AgriProTech Bird Gel can be installed and will create a physical barrier to prevent birds from perching and congregating.



Recommended repelling system

This bird, absolutely charming when it travels on its own, can be a real nightmare when it arrives in hordes (up to 1 million individuals!)

Damage by starlings can be impressive in terms of how quickly and how massively it occurs. In order to dislodge starlings from a “dormitory”, the AviTrac® acoustic bird repeller can emit specific scaring signals that will create a hostile environment and cause the birds to fly away. This method has already been used and has shown very good results.

Complementary methods

Hordes of starlings can eat large amounts of food stored in grain silos, in just a few hours.

The easiest way to eliminate of this problem is to prevent them to get settling near your crop fields or storage buildings.

AgriProTech holographic tape can be installed as a “curtain” at the entrance to your storage building, to prevent them from entering.

As starlings are afraid of raptors, hawk-shaped scaring kites can also protect areas of up to 5 acres.