How do you get your AviTrac operational again after the winter?

Reprogrammer AviTrac

The parcels are ready for sowing, you have received the seeds and plant protection products, the weather is good, everything is good to start sowing maize, sunflower, sorghum, peas...

Don't forget to check your AviTrac® bird repeller because predators are nesting. Crows, ravens and jackdaws will soon have plenty of mouths to feed!

Nids corbeaux corbeautiere

In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises when installing your bird repeller on the field, and to benefit from the 3 weeks of battery life, here are the steps to be taken

  • Check the general appearance (clean and dust if necessary)
  • "Wake up" the module by pressing OK for a few seconds
  • Scroll through the menu and read the data displayed:

• Time
• Alarm : Inactive
• Brightness : Inactive
• SD Card : Present
• Battery charge

Whatever the charge indicated, we advise you to recharge the AviTrac® battery before use (for about 10 hours).

Below, the plug to be used to connect the battery charger to the AviTrac® and a photography of the charger itself.

Prise chargeur AviTracAviTrac charge prise

chargeur AviTrac

When the charger light is green, the battery is fully charged.

You can continue to set up the AviTrac® as appropriate:

  • Activating the alarm or the brightness alarm

You should choose one or the other, as activating both alarms together may result in unwanted emissions.

  • Setting volume

Maximum 15 = 120 décibels at 1 meter

  • Setting the periodicity between each signals

We recommend a sound emission every 20 minutes, this is the default setting

  • Choosethe start and end time of the sounds emission

Unless you have selected the alarm clock brightness

  • Set thecurrent time if it is not already done
  • Select the sounds repertories to be emitted

By following the advice given in the AviTrac® user manual

All that remains is to install the bird repeller on the field before the birds settle in peacefully!

Don't forget to connect the speaker cable to the speaker socket and close the window to ensure that the device is waterproof.

Any other questions? Leave us a comment!

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