Visual scares

AgriProTech visual scares:

Kites, scaring balloons, holographic tapes, scaring windsocks, and other complementary methods to acoustic bird deterrent solutions.


  • Bird Scarer Kites -...
    <p>AgriProTech bird scarer kites are designed for bird control.</p> <p>Made for professional use, they are easy-to-use and cost-effective.</p>
  • Bird scarer balloons
    <p>Bird scarer balls are cost-saving and easy-to-install solutions.</p> <p>They will scare birds with their holographic eyes and bright colors.</p> <p></p>
  • Holographic Bird Tape
    <div id="information_block"> <div id="information_content" class="rte align_justify"> <div> <div class="rte align_justify"> <div class="rte align_justify">This visual bird scaring device disturbs birds by giving an impression of movement and by its metallic noise.</div> <div class="rte align_justify"></div> <div class="rte align_justify">Suitable for use in market gardens and as a curtain in the entrance to farm buildings.</div> </div> </div> </div> </div>
  • Visual deterrents -...
    <p>Find here every accessory products you need for visual scares :</p> <p>5 meters Telescopic pole, stake, etc.</p>

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