can cause considerable damage to all types of crops: corn, sunflowers, peas, ... but also in vineyards and orchards.

Species such as crows, ravens, doves, gulls or starlings can attack half of an agricultural parcel, sometimes more.

Replanting is usually necessary (when still possible). As well as being very expensive, replanting is a loss of time and energy that could be avoided.

Agriculture professionals have noticed increasing bird pressure during the past decade. Some nuisance species are currently growing, as is the damage they cause.

To counter this threat, it is important to use several repellent devices. In order to provide this a variety of tools, AgriProTech offers you acoustic and visual pest control products, to help you to effectively protect your crops.

If you have any questions about these products, please contact us to find out more. We will be delighted to help you.

The products provided by AgriProTech are weather and water-resistant, ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.

They are environment-friendly, safe for animals and cost-effective for users.

Bird control solutions useable in agricultural environments (click on the images to below to access their characteristics) :

Effaroucheur sonore anti oiseaux AviTrac 9M
Effaroucheur sonore AviTrac 18M
Cerf-volant effaroucheur en forme de rapace
Ballon effaroucheur Panic Eyes
Ruban holographique - 100 mètres